5 Ways MN Architects Use Strategic Window Design To Maximize Natural Light

Our window design strategy keeps your home bright – even in gloomy PNW winters.

In the Seattle-Bellevue area’s often gloomy winters, MN Custom Homes architectural creativity shines with strategically placed windows to maximize your home’s natural light. The mastery lies in not adhering to typical window placements or dimensions while still maintaining design rules of the home’s style.

Here’s how MN architects maximize natural light using strategic window design:

Choosing bigger windows

Rather than opting for multiple smaller windows like some other builders, MN embraces the use of larger panes and casings, often favoring the elegance and functionality of picture windows. 

By focusing on larger, strategically placed windows, we ensure that your home not only looks appealing, but also feels spacious, well-lit, and thoughtfully designed.

Bigger picture windows mean bringing in more light, better visibility, and panoramic views of the beautiful Eastside. Minimal panes and hardware on picture windows enhance the aesthetics and reduce future window maintenance needs. 

Adding clerestory windows

Adding an extra run of windows above the standard set, also known as clerestory windows, serves a dual purpose. They create an illusion of spaciousness and airiness within rooms while optimizing natural light intake throughout the day and in different seasons. 

Windows at a standard height allow maximum intake from the low winter sun, whereas a higher run of windows brings in extra summer light. 

Reducing window spacing

Home styles adhere to specific window design rules that make them recognizable, like spacing, grouping, and window trimmings. 

For example, craftsman-style homes traditionally place windows in groups of two or three, divided with thick wood window trim. 

MN modernizes this home style by using Craftsman-style paned windows in traditional groups but minimizes the bulky wood trim. This minor change creates a wider, undivided window that lets in more natural light into your home. 

Utilizing skylights

The integration of skylights, including those above bathtubs, in stairways, and at the heart of the house, further amplifies natural light, contributing to an inviting and well-designed living environment.

On some of our builds, architects even utilize skylights in the outdoor areas to feel submerged in nature while staying warm and comfortable during overcast months. 

Placing with privacy in mind

Mindful window placement is a cornerstone of our design. Site-specific factors like trees, street visibility, or neighbors’ window design are considerations that guide decisions on placement to give homeowners maximum privacy while putting in as many windows as possible. 

To avoid intrusive views into neighboring spaces and preserve privacy, MN architects give extra attention to adding windows to the front and back of the home with a deliberate reduction of windows on the sides.

Homes with large trees on the property are the perfect place for a large picture window next to a bathtub, giving you beautiful nature scenery while protecting your privacy. 

Our architects even consider where you might want to place your furniture to make sure you maintain maximum privacy from the street and you can truly relax in your living room. 

MN Custom Homes simply uses more windows

With vaulted ceilings and striking windows, our living rooms become captivating great rooms. Setting us apart from other builders, we prioritize investing in abundant glass for these spaces. By using clerestory windows, skylights, and optimally placed large windows, our homes exude a distinctive and memorable atmosphere.

MN Custom Homes isn’t just building houses; we’re crafting thoughtful homes. For More Design Inspiration and to explore our available homes, visit us at www.mncustom.com

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