Investing in the Future: Creating Multi-Generational Homes For Seamless Life Transitions

Timeless elegance meets multigenerational practicality in luxury home design.

With more extended families choosing to live in the same house, our expert architects at MN Custom Homes give extra attention to the possibility of your residence becoming a multi-generational home while maintaining comfort, privacy, and high standards of luxury. 

Whether you are looking for the perfect home to age in place or a multi-generational home plan to welcome older family members with comfort, MN Custom Homes designs for the growing trend of dual living by designing secondary suites to all of their builds, regardless of spec level.

The Demand for Multi-Generational Homes is Increasing

Multigenerational households are classified as three or more generations living in the same home. This type of living situation made up 7.2% of households in 2020 and is continuing to trend1. Additionally, with rents and home prices continuing to grow 15% year over year in the top 20 US cities, the demand for multigenerational homes will continue to increase 2.

Does an additional suite increase home value?

MN’s Homes are built with a timeless design to maintain their value for years to come.

Secondary suites, also called interior mother-in-law suites, granny flats, or in-law suites are homes with separate living quarters, and adding one to a floor plan raises home value as multigenerational housing trends increase.

While it’s hard to say how much exactly, some reports say a secondary suite can increase your home’s value by more than $80,000 in the Pacific Northwest 3. Not to mention the amount saved on a secondary property or cost of living accommodations for an in-home caregiver for ill or elderly family members.

How MN Architects Design for Multi-Generational Living

In a pinch, almost any living space can work for multi-generational living, but MN is passionate about design techniques for making multi-generational living functional and luxurious.

Seamless home flow

MN’s top-level architects design each house to make the most of the lot space and create the luxurious open floor plan design that separates them from other builders. A home with separate living quarters could look like an afterthought without the right design methods, but MN balances functionality with elegance in design. 

Our open-concept style homes have a natural flow, so while the secondary suite is private, it doesn’t feel isolated. MN’s experienced architects frequently balance the floor plan for the secondary suite by mirroring the floor plan. This creates a similarly sized area on the opposite side of the home for an office or powder room. Take a tour of this floorplan style here.

Planning for privacy

MN architects design many secondary suites on the main floor, making them much more accessible for aging family members or caretaking ease. These suites are often positioned near an additional entrance for optimal personal freedom and flexibility. 

A secondary suite on your main level and a primary on an upper floor also create some physical distance between you and your guest, giving the perfect amount of privacy while staying close. 

Luxury features

MN creates a functional space for families to live in long-term by adding a private full bath and walk-in closet to our bedrooms. The full bathroom has an easily accessible walk-in shower, a large vanity, and optional heated floors. 

Exclusive to some of our gold-level homes, secondary suites can be customized to offer a kitchenette space and spacious seating area. Long-term guests can stay comfortably with amenities like an additional laundry unit and a private outdoor space with a separate entrance. Take a tour of this multigenerational floor plan here.

Four other great uses for secondary suites

1. Holiday hosting

With spacious great rooms, luxurious kitchens, and ample outdoor living space, MN homes are designed with hosting in mind. With a secondary suite, you don’t have to let distance get between you. Your guests will feel comfortable staying long-term without feeling like they are living out of a suitcase.

2. Space for an adult child

Multigenerational housing doesn’t always mean the return of an older parent and caretaking responsibilities. With more Americans valuing education and economic accomplishments over getting married and having children, more young adults are choosing to stay with their parents for longer 4 . Having an extra suite gives your children a comfortable place to land when returning home for school breaks and allows them to enter the workforce on a more solid foundation.

3. Short-term apartment

Are you thinking about hiring a house sitter for a long trip or a permanent live-in nanny? MN’s secondary suites offer flexibility for you to expand your household and give your employee the bonus perk of having their own luxury space. 

4. Recovery space

A secondary suite with a private en suite bathroom takes the stress out of getting sick or caretaking for an ill family member. Whether you are worried about passing an illness on to your other family members or you’ve experienced an injury that makes it difficult to go upstairs, a secondary suite gives you a private space to rest and recover with ease. 

Let's build your perfect multi-generational home.

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