MN Cares


As we began constructing homes and developing who MN Custom Homes is, we realized giving back to the community, respecting the neighboring residents, and implementing environmentally friendly practices was of utmost importance to us. That is how our MN Cares program was born. Read on to learn more about each part of MN Cares: Community Matters, Good Neighbor Promise, and Eco-Friendly Approach.

Community matters

Why We Give

We believe in giving from our strengths as the Eastside’s largest residential in-fill developer, and that local businesses should be agents of change in our community. Through our partnerships with Jubilee REACH and Imagine Housing, we’re able to give back to our community and engage with them in ways that matter. Read on to learn about how we engage with our community.

Why jubilee reach

Jubilee REACH was born from a heart to serve our community’s unmet and often overlooked needs of community members, single-parent families, and at-risk students. Their established infrastructure allows them to serve and adapt to changing needs, such as supplying food and resources to families most impacted by the pandemic. Dedicated special MN | JR Home Projects help fund the in-school & community outreach programs by providing 100% of the profits from the home sale. Our direct impact on the community comes through our Employee Service Month, where we take on the most challenging projects that Ken Carpenter and his team can find. We also work directly with students through classrooms and Jubilee-REACH-sponsored clubs, where we share insights into professions, career paths, and next steps through our MN Mentorship program.


Imagine Housing was founded in 1987 alongside the support of our Co-Owner Gordon McFadden. Then known as St. Andrew’s Housing Group, they formed as an independent non-profit organization focused on creating affordable apartment homes on the Eastside. They now own and operate 15 apartment communities serving 1,400 with more on the way. Partnering with Imagine Housing allows us to give back to our community in profound ways. Together we’ll open doors and opportunities for families and individuals to thrive in our community! As presenting sponsor for their Imagine Gala + Auction through 2022-2025, we look forward to our continued support and collaboration.

Join Us giving

Our most important involvement is our call to other businesses to get involved. Like we mentioned, it may be Jubilee REACH, Imagine Housing, another organization, or an internal initiative – regardless of which, we encourage other businesses to make a positive impact in ways that matter.

Good neighbor promise

MN Custom Homes believes in delivering innovative & timeless home designs along with an industry leading customer experience while serving our community and neighbors. As temporary neighbors working in the area, we prioritize respecting the neighbors near/adjacent to our construction sites.
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Our Promise

Safe, clean, & efficient
  • Adhering to industry leading safety standards during and after working hours and weekends.
  • Maintaining clean job sites and minimizing street and driveway access.
  • Our industry leading home builds are often much faster than other area builders minimizing construction impact to the neighborhood.
Respect the Community
  • Working only during approved city and neighborhood construction hours.
  • Observing the jurisdictional oversight and neighborhood precedent for home size and design.

Eco-Friendly Approach

Our thoughtful approach to home construction’s impact on the environment ensures that we leave properties better than how we found them in a variety of ways.

MN follows a sustainable management of construction and demolition waste. With the support of local recycling groups that are part of and promote Green Building practice, we are able to recycle all our demolition materials – drywall, concrete, wood, and metals are diverted from disposal and managed into new productive uses.

Smart Home Products & Environmentally Friendly Appliances
In our homes, we only use the best products and appliances – best in performance and energy usage so you know that you’re only using products that are friendly to the environment in your new home.
Efficient Home Builds That Require Less Heating/Cooling
The best way to save energy is to use it less. That’s why we prioritize getting in and getting out – resulting in efficient build times and less energy usage compared to the industry standard.
Solar Panels & Electric Car Charging

As the world is heading toward clean energy usage, we want to make it even easier to start using this form of energy in our homeowners’ new homes. Most of our homes are outfitted with solar panels and electric car charging ports in the garage.

Plant-A-Tree Program
We know how important it is to keep the PNW beautifully green. That’s why we’ve committed to planting 10 trees per home built. With around 220 completed homes, that’s about 2200 trees!