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The Home Purchase program

We created the MN Home Purchase Program to educate home sellers on the process and benefits of working with us. Our program is designed for sellers who want less stress, fewer costs, and more options when selling their home. Whether you’re relocating to a new city, ready to sell your rental property or selling an estate, our commitment to you is to be transparent and upfront throughout the process and help you get to what’s next in life. 

Are you curious about what your home is worth or want to discuss the advantages of selling to MN? Please fill out the form below and a home purchase expert will be in touch soon. 

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There can be many advantages to selling your home to a builder. Above market sales price, ability to sell “as-is”, clarity around your close date and purchase price, and having the time to arrange your next move.



Receive a 10-20% above market offer. It’s true. Believe it or not, this process actually makes you money and makes it simple. 

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Avoid the costs and hassles of preparing your home for sale. We buy your home “as-is” so you won’t have to worry about things like updating your home, painting inside and out, or roof repairs needed to get your home ready to sell on the market. 



Choose a move-out date that works for you. The entire program works around your needs and how we can make the process easy for you to be in control of the right time for you to move. 

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Peace of Mind

Work with a reputable builder who treats you with respect, follows through on their word, and takes care of the details. We have closed on 100% of our homes that have passed feasibility; a stat unique in the industry. We strive to have clean job sites, build efficiently, and treat your neighborhood with respect. 

MN Custom Homes Commits To Community And Employees

A team you can trust

MN has worked with over 300 families locally on the sale of their homes. Our home purchase experts are just that, local experts in the purchase and sale of homes on the Eastside. We strive to earn your trust, operate with transparency, and provide open communication throughout the entire process.


Selling your home can be an overwhelming process that you want to get right. For many, their home is their biggest asset and an opportunity to take advantage of the growth in the local real estate market. We’ve designed a program to make it simple and easy for you to sell and get everything you want with the transaction.

Our simple three step program walks you through the process of selling off-market. Discovery, MN Offer and Property Review.


The Discovery process includes an initial, no obligation call with one of our experienced sales reps that allows you to get comfortable with our process prior to moving to the next step. This includes a discussion about what you want and we walk through a list of questions that might pertain to your situation. We share what is important to us in a property and sales agreement and you decide if you would like to receive an offer from us. 


The MN Offer process is based on your particular needs – why are you selling, when do you want to move and how to get the most proceeds from the sale of your home, which includes maximizing your sales price and minimizing your costs throughout the process. We recommend that you review the offer with a Trusted Advisor to make sure that you are 100% comfortable before you sign. If you have questions, we want to hear them – if you need a reference to a real estate attorney, we can help with that as well. 

Property Review

The Property Review step is work that we do. A quick property visit ensures that we can build what we need to make it a profitable venture. In addition to walking the exterior of your property, we will review the title report, utility access and easements. We don’t need to go inside of your home and we will let you know in advance of any property access.

It’s as simple as that. You receive the non-refundable earnest money after the property review is complete and remainder of your purchase price at the agreed closing date. If there are any site specific wrinkles to the process, we will communicate our findings and recommended steps forward. Transparency and communication is our promise to you. We plan on being a part of the community for years to come and maintaining our great reputation is of utmost importance to us.

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Meet the Team

Our team of experts has a diverse background in the Real Estate industry and has helped hundreds of families in the sale of their homes. No matter your situation, our team will be transparent and respectful of your unique scenario and work with you to find a solution that fits your goals for selling your home. 


MN Custom Homes Headshots

Erik Olberg is a home purchasing expert who has worked with hundreds of homeowners on the sale of their homes. His experience allows him to navigate the sometimes complex factors that occur when going through a life transition like moving. Whether he is assisting families with moving resources, designing a close date around a rental agreement, or simply walking you through the home selling process, Erik’s attention to your concerns and questions truly makes him unique. 


MN Custom Homes Headshots

Since serving his country in the United States Marine Corps, George has spent his professional career helping others in the residential mortgage and private lending industries. Over the last several years, George has been working to match home sellers and home buyers in the off-market real estate market here on the Eastside. His familiarity with the Eastside allowed him to become a trusted advisor to dozens of buyers and sellers since 2015. 


Lindsay Kim (1)

Lindsay has been in the real estate industry for over a decade assisting countless individuals navigate the dynamic real estate market. She’s been in roles as a residential real estate agent and an acquisitions/sales manager for a real estate investment company as well as independently. Lindsay’s successfully helped connect home sellers with home buyers on the market and unlocked exclusive off-market opportunities for real estate investors. She understands each client and circumstance is unique, so tailors each transaction to meet specific goals, preferences, and timelines. Lindsay is dedicated to providing transparent, honest, and trustworthy service every step of the way. 



Since 2018, Alex has been an integral part in hundreds of real estate transactions between homeowners and builders across the Greater Seattle area. He enjoys coming up with solutions to fit sellers’ specific needs and takes pride in structuring purchase and sale agreements around those needs. His attention to detail and experience in the industry allows him to help guide sellers seamlessly through every step of our Home Purchase Program.


Patrick Brumbach joined our team in 2024 following years of acquiring land across the Puget Sound for a prominent local production home builder, amassing over 500 lots during his tenure. His deep understanding of local markets is a cornerstone of his expertise, benefiting all his clients. Patrick’s approach is centered on people, emphasizing transparency and honesty in every acquisition to help you navigate the intricacies of our Home Purchase Program with ease. Tailoring purchase agreements to suit individual client needs and circumstances, Patrick ensures that each transaction generates value for all parties involved.


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A little information goes a long way.

Your agreement with MN Custom Homes is completely crafted around your situation. You can select the best option for you; possibly including additional flexibility within the Purchase & Sale Agreement.

Most home sales take place “on-market” which includes time, money & effort to update/repair your home, listing through a real estate agent, staging your home. etc. Then accept the best offer you can negotiate and hope the financing and contingencies progress as desired. Don’t forget to ensure that your own move works with those timelines.

Yes. This often works out best for everyone. Your renter gets to live in the home as agreed to; you get to collect rent revenue; and with a longer close date, we can often pay more due to our increased efficiencies in planning/designing our home.

The Purchase & Sale Agreement (PSA) is the document that records the agreement between you and MN Custom Homes. It includes the sales price, specific terms, close dates and all details in our offer. We recommend you review this with a real estate attorney to ensure peace of mind with the transaction.

We strive to be as transparent as possible throughout the Home Purchase Program and want you to be confident in our agreement. That’s why we prefer you to review the agreement with a real estate attorney prior to signing. If you need a referral to legal counsel, we are happy to provide you with several reputable, local attorneys.

Our feasibility review is the process of studying the property, soil and other details that determine if we can build the type of home we are looking to develop. It typically takes two weeks to gather our findings and communicate the results to you for next steps.

It typically takes two weeks to gather our findings and communicate the results to you for next steps.

Earnest money is the amount paid to you after our feasibility review is complete. The agreed upon amount is then transferred into your bank account and is non-refundable to us.

We save you money in a variety of ways. When selling to MN, there are no listing fees or real estate commissions deducted from the sale of your home. 

Additionally, you get to save on any repairs or upgrades you might’ve needed to do if you sold your house on the market. It’s a win-win.

Aside from having more money in your bank account, there are a handful of significant benefits to working with us:

  1. There is no need to spend time, money or energy fixing up your home.
  2. You don’t have to spend money on staging your home or hassle with vacating your staged home for a potential buyer.
  3. Unlike listing your home on the market, you get to determine when you move out. Even in hot markets, properties can sit longer than expected – or in some cases sell sooner than you are prepared for.

Absolutely. We take pride in being courteous, clean neighbors while we build. We build homes that you and your neighborhood can be proud of.