Building to Suit: Kirkland’s Unique Vibe Inspires MN Custom Homes – A Kirkland Living Article

On Wednesday, September 1st, 2021, Kirkland Living published its September edition featuring Stacy Moser’s article entitled “Building to Suit – Kirkland’s Unique Vibe Inspires MN Custom Homes”. This article delves into what “custom” means to us and how we tailor the homes we build to the neighborhood, lot, and overall “vibe” of the area. Here’s an excerpt:
“‘A lot of thought goes into planning every home we build,’ says Shaun McFadden, CEO of MN Custom Homes. ‘Kirkland is a neighborhood with unique characteristics that inspire how we design homes there. The word custom is in our name because we tailor every house to its lot. Then we capture the neighborhood’s charm—the home’s style maximizes the distinct character of its environment.’ A case in point is their new home project at 10648 NE 45th Street in Houghton, completed in August 2021. As with all MN Custom Homes, the residence’s overall design balances the nuances of a beautiful aesthetic with premium functionality for the family that lives inside.”
To read more, visit Stacy’s article here on pages 18-19. 

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