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Jubilee REACH Slated to Receive a Unique Gift Donation

Jubilee REACH Slated to Receive a Unique Gift Donation By Lisa Patterson for 425 Magazine | December 12, 2018

The builder is MN Custom Homes, and it is donating the profits from the sale of this home to Bellevue nonprofit Jubilee REACH. Jubilee REACH helps Eastsiders in need in a variety of ways, from partnering with local schools to hosting safe and enriching before- and after-school programs; to assisting English as a Second Language (ESL) families and help them access classes, medical and dental care, legal services; and more. Jubilee REACH also has a thrift store to help provide affordable options for families, and it hosts a variety of community-building events to bring Bellevue together.

The MN Custom Homes leadership was so inspired during last year’s annual Festival of Trees fundraising event, they decided they needed to do something big. They decided their company would build a beautiful home, sell it, and donate the profits to Jubilee REACH. The home is expected to be completed in February, open for tours, and for sale on Feb 26. Learn more about MN Custom Homes in Bellevue at