Three Things To Do Before Buying a New Home Construction Presale

When purchasing a new home construction presale from MN Custom Homes, there are three things to do before buying. During this process, you’ll become more knowledgeable of what to expect within the finished home, the types of finishes available, and the overall timeline.

Step 1: Pre-Approval

If you plan to finance the home, get pre-approved from a lender of your choice. The application process and approval may take a few days to complete. This step shows your commitment to purchasing a new property and provides peace of mind that you have financing details worked out and in place for later in the purchase process.

Step 2: Identify your representation.

NWG | Compass has been selected as the exclusive representation of MN Custom Homes and has the most comprehensive New Construction knowledge in the industry and can represent you as well. NWG | Compass is a leading company in the region.

Step 3: Tour Homes to Learn Your Must-Haves

By touring on-market homes, you can put together a wish list of items that you require in your home, items that you would like to have, and any other relevant information about how you and your family are going to utilize the home. The benefit of this step is you will have a better idea of the finishing touches you would like to see in your home and you can relay that information to the interior designer assigned to your home later on in the construction phase.

After completing these steps, MN Custom Homes, NWG | Compass, and the new homeowner will sit down to meet or video call to explore the options as they pertain to the budget, neighborhood, and timeline. This is just the beginning of the fun decisions and we look forward to building your home!

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