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The MN Warranty App is the Newest Way We’re Innovating Through Technology

Submit and track claims, access home manuals, and watch homeowner maintenance videos.

MN Custom Homes is excited to announce the launch of our new home warranty app. 

Inspired by MN’s Vivid Vision, our team is always searching for new ways to innovate. From designing homes with built-in smart home features to developing ways to build better houses in less time, MN’s new warranty app is just one of the many ways we stand behind our construction and stand out from other luxury home builders.

MN Home Warranty App Features

Submit Warranty Claims

Just choose your room, problem, and enter a brief description to create a new warranty claim. Your claim goes to our dedicated, in-house warranty team to address your claim in record time and note common claims to improve our building process for future homes.

Schedule your checkpoints

MN offers a comprehensive warranty policy with checkpoints at 45 days and eleven months to make sure you’re absolutely delighted in your new home. 

In the new MN warranty app, you can view your existing claims and schedule your next checkpoint. 

From here, you can also set up a free consultation with a smart home feature specialist to assist you in setting up and understanding how to use every part of your new tech-forward home. 

Find all your home’s manuals in one database

Appliance manuals, service contracts, and files are all centrally located for your convenience. Do you have a question about your electrical wiring? Here, you can find the phone number of the electrician and plumber who worked on your house and contact them directly. You’ll also find your dedicated warranty support contact. 

Access our knowledge base for answers to common new homeowner questions

Our Home Care and Maintenance section has many informational videos on garage maintenance, furnace filters, water emergencies, and more. These videos show easy-to-follow step-by-step directions for maintaining your new construction home.

The FAQ section covers common homeowner questions about the warranty process and helpful instructions for filing a claim and scheduling check-ins. 

Browse our available luxury homes

Designed to streamline warranty requests, maintaining your new MN home is easier than ever with the ability to submit claims, schedule check-ins, read appliance manuals, and even watch homeowner maintenance videos. 

Want to be an MN homeowner? Take a look at our available for presale luxury new construction homes here. 

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