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MN Warranty App


MN Custom Homes is excited to announce the launch of our new home warranty app. 

Inspired by MN’s Vivid Vision, our warranty team wanted to find a way to innovate through technology and created the MN Custom Home’s warranty app. 

Designed to streamline requests, maintaining your new MN home is easier than ever with the ability to submit claims, schedule warranty check-ins, read appliance manuals, and even watch homeowner maintenance videos in our knowledge base. 

The new warranty app will allow us to offer world-class customer service in record time and improve our future home projects.

Before closing

Before closing on the purchase of your new home, MN Custom Homes will schedule two different site visits to present to you your finished home: 

Roughly one week before closing, the construction Project Manager will meet you for a New Home Orientation – where we go over the importance of changing your furnace filters, maintaining your irrigation systems, gutter cleaning, and anything else you need to know about your new luxury home. 

On your day of home closing, your Project Manager and a member of our in-house warranty team will walk you through your policy, set up your warranty account, show you how to use our Warranty app, and give you the keys to your new home.

Home Warranty Checkpoints

Here’s what you can expect at each home warranty checkpoint. 


We like to check-in after you have lived in your home for over a month to hear your experience and learn if we can make any adjustments for you. Any requests like loose door handles, cracking grout, or a small floor squeak can be attended to during your 45-day checkpoint. 


After four seasons of acclimation, it is time for us to address any items related to the expansion and contraction of certain materials used to build your home. 

Typical work requests at this check-in include nail pops, drywall cracks, or any other service-related items that may have arisen. 

MN addresses these issues at the 11-month checkpoint so we can correct them with a complimentary comprehensive paint job instead of only spot covering.

Claim Priority Levels

Choose between three priority levels to indicate the urgency of your request.

Emergency priority requests

Examples include: 

  • Active plumbing leak/flooding 
  • Loss of heat (when the outdoor air temp is below 55)
  • Sparking wires
  • Loss of power (if not utility-related and the electrical panel has not tripped)

For life-threatening issues such as fires or gas leaks, exit the home and call 911. 

High Priority requests

These livability issues can be addressed within one business day. 

Examples include: 

  • Exterior door lock malfunction
  • Leaking roof 
  • Water entering crawlspace
  • Repeated tripping of electrical breaker
  • Loss of hot water

Normal priority requests

These requests aren’t urgent and can wait until the next review period.  

How to Submit a Claim

As you settle into your new MN home, you can add requests into your MN warranty app portal for any adjustments you’d like attended to. 

Tap Create a New Request to start a claim. 

  1. Choosea priority. (Standard, High priority, or emergency)
  2. Select the room or area of your claim. These include options like kitchen, attic, or security.
  3. Pick your request type. These are options like mechanical, electrical, and roofing, and help our warranty team send the right person to help.
  4. Add more detail about your claim. 

Open the “My requests” tab to view your existing requests, attach photos, or add more descriptions as needed.

Additional Features in your MN Home Warranty App

Schedule warranty checkpoints or a consultation with a smart home feature specialist

The new MN warranty app lets you view your existing claims and schedule your next checkpoint. From here, you can also set up a free consultation with a smart home feature specialist to assist you in setting up and understanding how to use every part of your new tech-forward home.

Find a database of appliance manuals, service contracts, and files

Appliance manuals, service contracts, and files are all centrally located for your convenience. Do you have a question about your electrical wiring? Here, you can find the phone number of the electrician and plumber who worked on your house and contact them directly. You’ll also find your dedicated warranty support contact.

Access our knowledge base and find answers to common new homeowner questions

Our knowledge base has many informational videos on garage maintenance, furnace filters, water emergencies, and more. These videos show easy-to-follow step-by-step directions for maintaining your new construction home. 

The FAQ section covers common homeowner questions about the warranty process and helpful instructions for filing a claim and scheduling check-ins.