MN Warranty App


Your home is one of your biggest financial investments. It’s also your place for rest and relaxation. Keeping your home safe and in good condition allows you to focus on the things that matter.

MN Warranty Hub is your all-in-one app for maintaining and protecting your home inside and out through a simplified process that removes the hassles of repair requests and routine maintenance.


1. Submit a Request

Forget about reading the fine print – let us manage the elements of your warranty. Select from the list of maintenance and repair options and provide details to instantly submit a request to our team. Request categories include

• appliances

• heating and cooling systems

• foundation and exterior

• roof and gutters

• lawn, plants, and trees

• electrical

• plumbing

• flooring

• bathroom fixtures

• countertops and cabinets

• + More

2. Track Your Requests

Following up on your requests shouldn’t be a hassle. Our system tracks the status of your requests and records your history of home repairs. This can provide insights into what areas of the home require the most attention. It’s never been easier to manage home maintenance.

3. Learn More With Our Knowledge Center

A digital guide to routine maintenance needs and quick fixes. Read and watch our how-to guides to master the art of DIY. Along with step-by-step how-tos, we also include when it’s a task you can tackle yourself or if it’s time to call in a pro.

Maintaining your new construction home and submitting warranty requests shouldn’t be difficult.

Use MN Warranty Hub to submit and track any home repair protected under your policy.