NW Idea House Progress Update #1 | Robinswood Transitional Sophistication

NW Idea House Progress Update #1

Robinswood Transitional Sophistication

You’ve received an update on one Northwest Idea House, what about the other? Here’s where we’re at with the “Robinswood Transitional Sophistication” home.

Just like our Clyde Hill home, we’re beginning to see the rendering come to life on this property. At a glance, window installation hasn’t happened yet – a visual differentiator (apart from the obvious floor plan variation) between our two Idea Houses.

With framing, roofing, and plumbing complete, you can see some fixtures poking through the wooden jungle. During our visit to the site, they had just finished pouring concrete in the garage so our subcontractors were steering clear of that section of the home as it dried.

Our Project Manager, Mark, gave us a little sneak peek into what the next steps will be. “We’re currently installing the HVAC system and will be starting electrical next week. After that, we’ll be insulating and installing drywall,” Mark says. “Both Idea Houses are roughly at the same point in construction but Clyde Hill is still slightly ahead. Robinswood will be pulling ahead soon though due to its size and complexity compared to Clyde Hill.”

Stay tuned as more details of the Robinswood Transitional Sophistication Idea House come together.

Both homes are on track for a fall completion so stay tuned as we provide updates throughout construction.

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