About MN Custom Homes


So who is MN Custom Homes? Our story starts back in 2011 when we were founded by two Bellevue natives, with our focus on developing extraordinary properties in core Eastside locations. Since day one we have been driven by innovation, and have been obsessed with overall design and functionality that separate our homes from the crowd. We truly get a thrill out of coming to work every day and getting to do what we love best; building enduring homes with distinctive details. Thank you for considering a MN home for your family…we think you will enjoy living in one of our homes just as much as we enjoyed building it!


Our philosophy and approach to homes is marked by our five pillars for success:


lux·u·ri·ous | Sophisticated grandeur meets exclusive and thoughtful touches.


dis·tinc·tive | Tailored homes unlike any other complemented by hand-selected finishes.


in·no·va·tive | State-of-the-art technology and leading approaches to best practices.


en·dur·ing | Quality craftsmanship resulting in a timeless home that endures.


in·teg·ri·ty | We are committed to our clients and serve them as a trustworthy, caring, and ethical partner.


Why Jubilee REACH?  We searched diligently for meaningful and authentic ways to give back to the community where we live and work in. Additionally, our involvement had to support our core values to improve our community and positively impact our neighbors’ lives. 

As a home builder, we have the resources and expertise in construction and home improvement and we seriously considered an organic program to help out those in need. But identifying people and projects were a hurdle – and we had a passion for helping with schools, which would be an entirely separate initiative to start and run ourselves. Neither idea was bad, but not a great “bang for our buck”. We wanted a more efficient and effective way to reach those in need on the Eastside.

Jubilee logo2.png

When we met with Jubilee REACH and learned about their passion, programs and involvement in the community and Bellevue schools, it was revealed right away that partnering with this amazing non-profit organization would maximize our ability to contribute to the community.  Their long relationship with the schools, city, and businesses allowed for direct and impactful investment to those in need.

Our involvement has been in three specific ways. Our employees have joined other volunteers in working on “Service Days” – Jubilee REACH’s work-days improving homes of community members who need assistance. Secondly, we donated contributions from a special home called “Project REACH the Need” in which we’re donating 100 percent of the profits from the sale of our home at 15125 SE 40th Place to fund student support in the public schools and helping those families who live on the margins through Jubilee REACH’s school programs, community center and thrift store.

Our third – and most important involvement – is our call to other businesses to get involved. We believe that local businesses should be agents of change in our community. Whether your involvement is with Jubilee REACH or another amazing organization or an internal company initiative – we urge your business to find a meaningful way to give back to your community.

We believe that MN Custom Homes can – and should – have a positive social impact on the communities we serve, one person, one house and one neighborhood at a time.

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